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The photos that were taken by several members, show the old carpet being unstitched and rolled up for disposal. When all the carpet was removed new rolls were brought in for laying. As part of the process one strip at a time is turned over so the machine can sew strips together. Finally the strips were laid out, the stitching ironed and new grippers fitted. The completed carpet was then stretched and tested for speed. The carpet comes with new mats and jacks.

1 unstitching old carpet1.HEIC
2 part removed 2.JPG
3 part removed3.JPG
5 part removed.HEIC
6 ready for new carpet 2.JPG
11 strips being layed.JPG
12 strips ready for sewing.JPG
8 ready to roll.jpg
7 new carpet ready to roll.jpg
4 work in progress2.jpg
10 1st strip grippedJPG.JPG
16 Carpet speed test.JPG
15 new carpet stitch.HEIC
17 new carpet with new mats & jacks.jpg
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